Antique Furniture

An antique is generally an item which is more than 100 years old and is collected or is desirable because of its oldness, beauty, rarity, utility and/or other unique features. It is an object which belongs and represents a previous time period. These items show a certain amount of craftsmanship which is no more in practice but still hold an artistic value. Within the ambit of antiques, furniture command a great demand and value.

The stylistic design that we admire in antique furniture today is derived from the ancient Greeks, and many similarities can be clearly found when comparing. Since only a few items of furniture remain since the ancient times, our knowledge of early designs is the resultant of depictions in art forms. Against today’s globalized world, ideas and techniques didn’t spread for decades or centuries in the historic period. Therefore, the early furniture design was the consequence of regional customs and societal acceptance, made from materials that were the most readily available.

Through the 19th Century, industrialization started affecting all areas of society. This also led to a noticeable impact on furniture creation and use too. This trend continued with the invention of artificial materials, mainly plastics, which drastically decreased the production cost. The role of craftsmanship thus got limited. Instead, the designer role came into existence, whose designs were produced multiple times, thus furniture making is affordable.

Over the period of time, the art & shine of the item starts to fade away. To keep the antiques safe, you might want to maintain them with furniture wax. Not only does furniture wax provide protection to the surface of the wood but it also augments the beauty of wood. Wax also provides a little scratch resistance and can cover up small scratches on surfaces.

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