Pool Decks

Family time is one of the best times in our life. One of the biggest trends in outdoor design today is a decorative concrete pool deck, a colored, textured and appealing area surrounding the pool to provide for a safe, slip-resistant deck for sunbathing and barbecuing.

Above-ground pools are so popular nowadays. They are affordable and easy to install with minimal maintenance needed. However, to get the most enjoyment out of your above-ground pool you need a wood deck that surrounds it.  Not only, you will never again have to climb a pool ladder, but a deck will also create a fun-in-the-sun gathering place for family and friends. It gives you a place to swim, sunbathe, dine at poolside or just visit.  There are different tips on cleaning tile floors, which is also different than cleaning a pool deck.

Pool decks have long been made of poured concrete, but this is changing fast. Some of these are highly variable with dozens of options.  Pool decking that allows water to flow through is a necessary requirement. This has brought up a new idea of decks that utilize unit pavers of any size and shape, which molds itself naturally with the earth rather than cracking.  Most of the pool decks are made with materials like concrete, unglazed tile, stones, wood, bricks, and rubber.

Pool decks can be:

  • Stone
  • Pebble
  • Rock
  • Gravel
  • Concrete

A stone pool deck is pretty cool, and there are a lot of positives going for this type of pool deck. However, one thing going against stone decking around your pool is the cost. The stone itself could be costly depending on what you choose, and the installation costs could be pretty high especially if there’s a lot of cutting needed.

Wood Pool Decks are unique looking and rather rare for in ground pools, but the material of choice for above ground pools. Wood Decking does need some maintenance. Stain and seal the wood with a wood deck stain to retain the color you want for longer. Wood decks take more effort to maintain, but what a great look it provides to your back yard.

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